Sep 092014
 September 9, 2014
Day 7 - Mouse and Keyboard Longevity

One of my regular clients emailed me with an interesting question about the longevity of her mouse and keyboard.  The keys are sticking on her keyboard, which is a sign that is time for new one.  She wondered how long they are suppose to last.  So I did some research and I can’t seem to [...]

Sep 082014
 September 8, 2014
Day 6 - Trello

I was going through my news feed this morning and came across an article that listed the most used online programs for a certain demographic of which I cannot remember. I can’t even refind the article, which is uber-frustrating. Anyway, I was researching the ones I didn’t know and the only one that was interesting [...]

Sep 072014
 September 7, 2014
Day 5 - Garden Planning Apps

Two summers ago, I put in 3 4×8 garden beds and started keeping notes in my Google Drive on what works and what doesn’t. The other day I ran across an article about gardening apps that could possibly do this for me. I really could only find one that really fit my needs, called Garden [...]

Sep 062014
 September 6, 2014
Day 4 - My Technology Want

One of my favorite book series is the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb. It is about a homicide detective named Eve Dallas, who is married to a billionaire named Roarke and is set in 2060. The book is sprinkled with future technology that makes you drool, because you know it is not so far [...]

Sep 052014
 September 5, 2014
Day 3 - AARP's Tablet for Seniors

Yesterday AARP announced that it built a tablet specifically for the 50+ crowd.  They claim their tablet is for those “apprehensive” about technology and those “who have yet to fully embrace tablet technology”.  While intentions are good, there is the feel to the idea that they are saying seniors can’t learn new tech, so we [...]